Victoria and AnnaThe Damn Good Food Company was founded in 2017 by Victoria Matthews and Anna Petro who had a vision of developing healthy, wholesome and deliciously sweet treats that would offer an alternative to the processed, minimally nutritious treats that dominate the market. To maximise health benefits, the product had to be plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, and cane sugar-free, as well as raw so that the ingredients remain near their truest form.

Nurit and PrielIn 2021 The Damn Good Food Company was purchased by Priel Segev and Nurit Zubery, experienced business partners who have previously owned and operated three successful businesses.

Their vision is to contribute to the global effort of reducing the consumption of dairy products to assist in the battle against climate change. The scientific facts are beyond dispute – in New Zealand alone, animal-produced methane emissions account for more greenhouse gas than all carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions combined. Furthermore, while several factors contribute to the depletion of fresh water, one of the main causes is animal agriculture which alone is responsible for the waste of one-third of drinkable water.

They believe that today’s consumers are making ethical and educated decisions that gravitate towards doing the right thing, be it healthy choices, climate change or animal welfare.

The Damn Good Food Company is passionately committed to sustainably growing the business and will continue to DO GOOD by offering consumers a great product they can FEEL GOOD about.

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The Damn Good Food Company produces a range of artisan plant‑based wholesome bars.

Eat Good. Do Good. Feel Good.